At Millfield Media Print Shop as you would expect we offer a range of finishing options on our vast range of business cards with different prices. Our  most popular business cards start from £11, they are printed on 400gsm and 450gsm silk art board such as matt laminated , velvet lamination and  Spot Uv varnish and silk unlaminated now they may sound cheap but but I can assure you that they are quality paper and a classic as far as we are concerned.  We cater for all budgets but we wont compromise on quality.

However, I understand its all down to personal choice and what appeals to you.  Our Velvet Laminated business card and it’s fast becoming one of our best sellers. Printed on the thickest card stock we offer a luxurious 450gsm board then a soft-touch lamination is applied to both sides as standard. These cards look great and feel amazing and start from only £17 !!

If you want to give your business card the edge try our luxurious paper stock combined with our hand finishing option such as hot foil , Deboss or Hot Foil & Deboss. Our most decadent business card is  foil uncoated  where we take a super thick 600gsm uncoated card and embellish it with gold of silver foil highlights. We have a huge selection of foil colours ensuring you can match the foil to suit your brand.

Our  luxury range includes the 540gsm Colorplan range, first developed in 1972, is the cornerstone of the GFSmith portfolio. This iconic range of premium coloured papers and boards is generally considered to be indispensable within the design industry. Colorplan is 100% Virgin ECF Fibre which is available in the  350gsm, 540gsm and 700gsm paper stock.

Duplex is a choice of 2 colours of 270gsm Colorplan bonded together to become 540gsm. If you would like to order a sample pack to check out the quality.

Our Spot UV Varnish business cards are proving to be more and more popular. Printed on 400gsm Silk stock, full colour, double sided then matt laminated to both sides, we then add the Spot UV Varnish to any part of your design; such as logo, pattern or name. This highlights aspects of your design and gives a truly luxurious feel.

Whatever you need we have a card to suit you to help your business shine, in a very competitive world. Let us help you to let is uv

If you would like a personalised quote please contact me direct or visit our website to see what is available



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