SPOT UV is an area of Ultra Violet gloss coating that creates a glossy finish to the targeted areas on top of your printed job as illustrated above, to make your business cards stand out from your competition. These business cards are proving to be more and more popular. Printed on 450gsm Silk stock, which is superb quality full colour, double sided then matt laminated to both sides. We then add the Spot UV Varnish to any part of your design; such as logo, pattern or name.This highlights aspects of your design and gives a truly luxury feel they start from just £24 all with free delivery, you can choose delivery options which allows you to budget and save money if you can wait for a couple of weeks.

We suggest that SPOT UV works well on larger areas and as a pattern on a flat background. The varnish is applied using a process similar to screen printing, and has registration tolerances of approximately ±0.5 mm. We would suggest that it is not suitable for small text or thin lines. At Millfield Media Print Shop we can help you with your artwork, we also have a help hub on our website to guide you when you are uploading your artwork, not to mention our 5* customer rating.

Our advice for designers is that when you are supplying files for print you must also supply artwork for the spot UV itself. The SPOT UV artwork should consist of solid black shapes – 100% K only and in the exact position on the page where the spot UV is required, ideally in vector as opposed to bitmap formula. The Spot UV must be on a separate page and have the same dimensions and crop marks in the same position as the printed file.

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